Copper Connectors

Flexible Copper Connectors

Manchester Alloys & Metals Copper

High specification round construction cables with cross sectional areas ranging from 0.5mm2 to 1000mm2. Natural or tinned finish with numerous end termination alternatives.

Braided Connectors

High specification flat stranded Copper Braid Connectors available in natural or tinned finish ranging from 4mm2 to 1500mm2 and up to 3000 amps.

  • Integral lug option
  • Copper Tube Termination available
  • Ferruled ends
  • Consolidated or loose ends
  • Large range of special connectors available
  • Multiple crimping opportunities
  • No length restrictions
  • Large variety of sleeving capabilities



Copper Laminated Connectors

Flexible Copper Busbars, that are thinly wound copper sheet, offer an alternative to solid Busbars giving the added advantage of flexibility to overcome alignment and thermal expansion problems. We can manufacture exactly to customer specification in respect of cross section, shape and end configuration. Our expertise at design stage is available to assist clients in overcoming space restrictions and thermal consideration issues.

  • Complex shapes
  • Sleeved option
  • Multiple laminations
  • Length to suit
  • Consolidated soldered ends
  • Flat or bridged
  • Tin or natural finish

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