Grades Available

Round, Flat, Square, Hex, Angle, Channel, Tube

British Standard CZ121 CZ112 CZ122 CZ114 CZ116 CZ131 CZ129 CZ132
BSEN Designation CW614N CW712R CW617N CW721R /722R CW705R CW606N CW611N CW602N

Rolled Products

Sheet, Strip, Plate

CZ101 Cu Zn 10 CW501L
CZ106 Cu Zn 30 CW505L
CZ108 Cu Zn 37 CW508L
CZ112 Cu Zn 36 Sn1pb CW712R
CZ120 Cu Zn 38 pb2 CW608N


  • Cutting
  • Fabricating
  • Polishing

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