Bronze Specifications


British Standard or Common Name Characteristics
PB102/CW450K General purpose phosphor bronze for engineering components subject to friction
PB1/CC481K Concast leaded bronze for rods and hollows medium/heavy load bearings
LG1/CC491K Leaded Gun Metal modest strength for pumps, valves and bearings
LG2/CC491K Most widely used in the Leaded Gun Metal range
LB4/CC494K Concast leaded bronze rounds/hollows, medium/heavy loads
SAE 660/CC497K Leaded bronze used in bearings, medium speeds and pressure
CA104/CW307G Aluminium bronze, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance
DEF STAN/02-833 Part 2 Issue 2 Defence Standard for Nickel Aluminium Bronze
NES 833/CW307G Nickel Aluminium Bronze, more ductile alloy, good impact strength
NES 834/CW307G Silicon Aluminium Bronze, low magnetism, will extrude as hollow rod
DGS 1043/CW307G Nickel Aluminium Bronze alternative alloy to NES 833
DGS 1044/CW307G Silicon Aluminium Bronze, alternative alloy to NES834

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